Wife for Sale! is my first book and I hope the first of many. In writing my book it gave me an insight on trust, betrayal, love and most of all, understanding who you really are. I have tried to portray that anything can happen if you are willing to keep your dreams close to you, and for those who decide to throw things away, there are always consequences.

I hope you enjoy reading the book as much as I enjoyed writing it.



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It doesn’t often happen that life offers you a second chance. Wife for sale is about life offering a second chance and taking that chance and turning it into reality.
Wife for Sale! is about relationships, marriage and love, about how well we know the person next to us and the one we trust the most. It can help to overcome the betrayal and guilt and also shows that keeping secrets leads to hurting our loved ones and ultimately destroy ourselves.
It’s about discovering ourselves after being abandoned, lied to and hurt; it teaches how to find the power to forgive and forget so we can move on.
Most of all it shows that much of the time we look for happiness in the wrong place and within the wrong person, how to appreciate the person next to us and love them as they are, with their qualities and defects.
Most importantly, it helps us to discover ourselves in everything we do and through everything life offers us.



I have read your book and although is a fictional story I like the message you are trying to pass…it is true that if you do not appreciate what you have next to you then life or time makes you appreciate it. In my case I wish I would have more time to tell my loved one how much I actually loved and appreciate her( I hope she felt it), but unfortunately I didn’t, I just focused on the mistakes rather than the positive things she brought to my life. But you only see it when is too late…

I could see myself in your story at some point, hopefully I am not boring you with this message but this is how I feel, after the experience I had I am trying now to be a better person since life gave me another chance, I will make the most of it same as Michael, but I didn’t have to buy my loved one, I gained her love!  Beautiful, inspirational story, hopefully people will see and understand your messages and look beyond the actual story!!!

Good luck !   Andrew M.(38) United Kingdom.

Customer Reviews on Amazon.co.uk

5.0 out of 5 stars Exceptionally good read 21 Mar 2014
By Kate
Very hard to believe this is the authors first book. It’s so well written, has suspense and a twist in its tail.
5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing! 9 Mar 2014
Absolutely gripping read could not put it down, definitely a must read. Would recommend to anyone that enjoyed 50 shades. Can’t wait for more Gutu books!

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